ocean blue...

cabo san lucas, mexico
big sur, ca
cresent bay, ca
newport beach, ca
Since I was a little girl, I have always had a love for the ocean. The salt water on your skin...the sand in your toes. The beach makes me so happy. It is a place of raw beauty. It is a reminder of God's ability to truly create a masterpiece. I have been fortunate to live by the pacific ocean for most of my life. Others who have grown up landlocked really don't know the difference. When I went away for college...it was then when I truly appreciated the place where my parents decided to raise their children...and I am lucky enough to call it home. I have truly come to find out that you rediscover your love once you have it taken away for a while. it is at that point when you realize, you can never live without it.
i love you beach. forever & always.