Owen Thomas.

these were taken forever ago, but i had to share this sweet newborn with you.
i'm posting the black and white shots because i love the simplicity of them.
he was one of my easiest newborns to date. meet owen.

Twins: Henry & Penny

Well, it may have taken two attempts but it was worth the wait. 
It was my first time photographing newborn twins and it was definitely harder than I thought.
Newborns are tricky as it is and when one was happy, the other one would start to cry. 
Chelsea is a dear friend and such an amazing mother of 2! She amazed me the entire time.
And I should probably give a shout out to Nick too for taking one for the team when he got poop all over his new shirt.

Meet the Allen twins and their beautiful parents:


This sweet babe has the best baby rolls around and she is the talk of the town.
I loved spending time with this family and capturing this precious angel.

 big sister going in for the kiss...
 cutest profile

these were taken a while ago...I wish you could see her now...we'll just have to have another shoot. :)

a baby story...

Is there ever a story more beautiful that bringing new life into this world?
I absolutely love being with first time expecting parents, seeing the excitement in their eyes as they
count down the days until they get to experience the greatest love there ever was.
Here is a peek into the days before and after annabelle's arrival.

 she arrived! meet annabelle.

I just have to share that this sweet father was in tears after the above photo was taken.
He looked at his wife and said, "she is so beautiful."
Well, we were all almost in tears after that and I just am so grateful
that I can be a part of such a special time in their life.
I love my job so much.
Thank you guys so much! You are such amazing parents.

baby luci.

there is nothing more precious than a sleeping newborn & this sweet girl was a dream for the camera.
we turned my master bedroom into a little studio and worked with what we had.
i can't decide whether i like black and white or color better for some of these shots, so i posted a good mix. 
prepare to be baby hungry.

baby yawns are also the best.

sweet baby violet.

my dear friend moranda had her first baby this past week and i was lucky enough to hold her sweet baby violet in the hospital and take some precious photos within her first 24 hours of life.
nothing is better than a newborn sweet angel baby.

those lips are so cute.