maternity session at home.

this maternity shoot was different from what i am used to and i loved the challenge of shooting indoors in different light.
this 3 story loft-style home was perfect and the huge windows made for some great light.
here are some of my favorite shots...

a baby story...

Is there ever a story more beautiful that bringing new life into this world?
I absolutely love being with first time expecting parents, seeing the excitement in their eyes as they
count down the days until they get to experience the greatest love there ever was.
Here is a peek into the days before and after annabelle's arrival.

 she arrived! meet annabelle.

I just have to share that this sweet father was in tears after the above photo was taken.
He looked at his wife and said, "she is so beautiful."
Well, we were all almost in tears after that and I just am so grateful
that I can be a part of such a special time in their life.
I love my job so much.
Thank you guys so much! You are such amazing parents.

jam packed with photos.

holy crazy month of november!
i have never been this busy with a record 18 photo shoots this month and counting. actually, i have no more availability and have actually had to start saying no. that's hard for me, but there is just only one of me and i need to sleep sometime.
have i even thought about my own christmas cards? not one bit. we'll see if it happens this year.

i am obviously so behind with blogging all the sessions so i give you this hodge podge
of just some of my recent work....starting with a maternity shoot with my sister and her husband. i seriously can't wait to meet this baby boy of theirs.
these kids are crazy cute.
love it.
can you believe this is a grandma with her granddaughter? talk about good genes.
more fun at the train depot...
this kid needs to model. he was all smiles.
another cute family. i love my job.
this beautiful family had photos taken for an upcoming adoption.
is this baby doing a 'shaka' or is it just me?
i just love silhouette shots. they are my favorite.
gotta love the holiday season!
now back to work...