Meet Jill

It all started with my deep love for sunsets back in my teen years. I have many albums full of sunset photography and I was determined to capture the setting sun from every possible angle, never getting bored with the challenge. I began to slowly add people into the mix, playing with that golden hour glow and figuring out how to truly capture a single fleeting moment with the click of the shutter.  Needless to say, I never looked back. 

Today, I am just as in love with the beauty of natural light and chasing the sun. I am even more intrigued with people and their stories. I want to really see you through my lens. I want to step inside your world and your love story as we share a sunset together.  When you think about it, my job is essentially documenting love; your love for your family, your love for your new addition, your love of life. I can't wait to meet you!

Other things I'm into: my faith, my family, happy people, adventuring, throwing parties, dark chocolate, good music, bike rides, surf, sun, sand, snowboarding, camping, rollerblading, karaoke, road trips, getting a good deal, traveling somewhere new, being spontaneous, and winning Wipeout.